Our Mission

Aesthetic Dentistry & General Dentistry in Campbell, CA

Inspira. Inspire. Inspiration

It means “to influence or animate with an idea or purpose.” It comes from the Latin root spirare: “to breathe;” inspirare: to breathe into. This is our purpose, our mission. It represents what we are about in two ways.

First, every day we are inspired by our patients. As we get to know you, we hear stories about how amazing people are. We learn about the exceptional work that people are doing in their careers, with their families, and with themselves. We have been able to meet so many talented and creative people, and learn new things from you every day. We also hope to inspire in our patients the understanding and motivation to take control of their dental and overall health. We all know that dental health and overall health are related; if your mouth is not healthy, you cannot be, and vice versa. Our job is to educate you and help you take ownership of your health, so that you can feel good, look good and be well.

The second inspiration for our name comes from the root of “to breathe.” Breathing is an essential function of life. The treatments we offer for sleep apnea, orthodontics, and neuromuscular dentistry are designed to develop and maintain a good airway so that you can breathe. These treatments work for children and adults; you are never too old to change the way you breathe, sleep, and function. We want to help the whole you achieve a balance of health, beauty, and well-being.

Inspira - breathing new life into dentistry.
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