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Implant Supported Dentures Q&A

Implant-supported dentures rely on sturdy posts in your jaw called dental implants. You can find out if they’re the best replacement choice for your missing teeth at Inspira Advanced Dentistry in San Jose and Saratoga, California. The team creates beautiful dentures that complement your face shape and will last for many years. Find out if you’re a good candidate for implant-supported dentures by calling Inspira Advanced Dentistry or booking an appointment online today.

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are prosthetic devices that remain sturdy and are made to replace many or all of your teeth. They latch onto dental implants, surgically inserted titanium posts that fuse with your upper or lower jawbone.

If you choose implant-supported dentures at Inspira Advanced Dentistry, the team might suggest one of these two kinds:

Fixed-implant dentures

You cannot remove fixed-implant dentures at will, but your dentist can remove them if you ever need to replace them. They can require an attachment bar as an extra component to keep them secure.

Removable-implant dentures

Removable implant dentures snap onto your dental implants, but you can take them out at any time. You must remove them every night to clean them. Otherwise, they remain sturdy for eating and speaking.


How do implant-supported dentures compare to conventional dentures?

Whether you get fixed or removable implant-supported dentures, they have a few advantages over conventional dentures. Instead of snapping onto implants, you need to use an adhesive to keep traditional dentures in place.

Compared to conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures:

  • Are sturdier
  • Won’t slip out of place
  • Are more functional
  • Preserve your jawbone health

The Inspira Advanced Dentistry team will let you know if conventional dentures are the better choice for you. They can help you compare the two kinds in more detail.

How do I get implant-supported dentures?

The first step in getting implant-supported dentures is to come to Inspira Advanced Dentistry for an initial consultation. The team looks at your mouth and begins to plan your treatment. They’ll take X-rays to make sure your jawbone is healthy and substantial enough to support dental implants. If it’s not, you’ll have to get a jawbone graft first.

The next step is implant surgery. This involves extensive healing time because your bone must bond with the titanium implants. Your oral surgeon places the implants into your jawbone at even intervals. Implant-supported dentures usually require 4-6 dental implants. Your surgeon can place all of them on the same day.

The Inspira Advanced Dentistry team designs and creates your implant-supported dentures according to the shape and structure of your mouth. They make sure the denture will look natural by creating false teeth that look like your original teeth in their shape and size.

Once the bone has healed, and your implants are firmly fused, the team can attach the denture.

Implant-supported dentures can restore a sense of confidence in your appearance and comfort while eating and speaking. Schedule your consultation for implant-supported dentures by calling the office or booking online today.

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